The following post is from Angela Says: A Cleaning Blog
Whether you”™re dealing with the floors that came with your home, or you”™ve invested a pretty penny to buy your dream floors, it”™s important to know how to take care of them and keep them beautiful for as long as possible.
Although each type of flooring has its own specific needs, there are a few routine things that you can do to keep your floors looking beautiful and brand new:
” Regular vacuuming or sweeping to make sure dirt and dust don”™t settle in.
” Placing a mat at each entrance of your home to prevent messes.
” Avoiding carpet deodorizers or harsh chemical sprays. Not only are these bad for the environment, but they can sometimes dye or damage floors over time.
” Cleaning up messes very quickly in order to prevent permanent staining, mold, or warping of your floors.
In addition to these general up-keep tips, it”™s important to be familiar with what kind of floor you have and know your manufacturer”™s instructions. For instance, you don”™t want to use a cleaning solution that contains a chemical that won”™t favorably react to your marble floor and terminate your warranty.
Here are some specific things to do to take care of some popular types of flooring.
” Never rub or scrub a stain. Always gently dab with a teaspoon of mild dish washing soap and a sponge soaked with warm water. If the stain is severe, you need to call a professional quickly so the stain won”™t set.
” If you have a sticky stain, such as gum, candy, or candle wax, place a piece of ice over the stain and wait for it to solidify. You should be able to gently remove the piece without damaging the carpet fibers.
” Get your carpets professionally cleaned every six months or so. If you have children or pets, you might want to consider scheduling a service every other month to keep your home fresh and your air quality safe for the whole family.
Tile Floors
” Use a gentle, natural cleaner on your floors, like a combination of baking soda and water. Add two cups of baking soda to one quart of hot water and mop swiftly all over the floors. Dry your floors immediately with a clean towel after mopping.
” Be careful of any citrus liquids or cleaners, as these can chemically react with certain types of stones.
” Although tile floors don”™t need to be professionally cleaned as often as carpeting, it does make a huge difference in how long the flooring lasts and makes the whole home glow.
Wood Floors
” Be sure to use blinds or dark curtains to keep the sun from fading your wood floors. Although sun damage is a slow process, it”™s important to remember this so you can keep them gorgeous as long as possible.
” Try to move your furniture around every six months or so to avoid dents or heavy wearing.
” Similar to tile flooring, hardwood floors don”™t need to be professionally cleaned as often as carpeting, but it does protect and make the floors last longer when they”™ve been professionally cared for.
Taking care of your floors may sometimes feel like a lot of effort, but it can save you thousands of dollars over time.