The following is from The Clean Sweep’s Housekeeping


The one overarching, guiding principle in making quick work of housekeeping is this:  Neatness Counts! Neat and not-so-clean beats clean and not-so-neat every time. Even our housekeepers have been fooled by a neat house that looks clean even though layers of dirt may be hiding most everywhere! So pick up. Hang up. Straighten. De-clutter. You”™ll be well on your way to a great looking house.

  • Make your bed. Always. Every day.  It”™ll only take a minute (literally) and makes you feel so much better about your house and yourself.
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper. Don”™t even think about throwing them on the floor! Ever.
  • Spend 30 seconds hanging up anything you”™ve worn that day that”™s good for another wearing. Your bedroom will look better and your clothes won”™t be so wrinkled.
  • Empty the wastebasket. Fold a bunch of fresth trash liners and place them in the bottom of the receptacle to make quick work of this task next time.  By the way, an open top wastebasket is said to be bad feng shui. If you can”™t hide the wastebasket, check out one of those cute bullet shaped ones from Umbra on They have a swing top and come in several fun colors.
  • Clear the top of your dresser. Use a basket or designate the top dresser drawer to stash clutter.

Each of these tasks take a minute or less, but oh, what a difference they make. Try it.