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Okay all my “Smart” electronic devices users”¦ How many of you have ruined your Ipad screen (or other smart device) because you sprayed it with window cleaner, or grabbed a pre-moistened wipe and rubbed away all your fingerprints? Well you also rubbed away a protective coating that”™s found on all screens, and now you”™re staring at blurry foggy friend requests as a result.

Well I can”™t tell you how to fix the damage already done, but I can tell you how to prevent this when you go out and upgrade to the latest and greatest “got to have it” device.

HD Screen coverage image

1) Purchase a screen protector! Seriously you already knew this answer,these can be found at most electronic stores.  If you”™re one of those “I”™m too cool to use protection”  then read on.

2) How to actually Clean your Ipad screen: DON”™T!  You can never actually clean your screen the way you would clean your windows.  You can not use window cleaner, aerosol spray disinfectants, hand sanitizer, or any cleaning liquid|spray for
that matter.  What you CAN use is a cleaning cloth you would use to clean your eyeglasses or a camera lens.  That”™s all you need.   Shut your device off before you clean the screen, and gently wipe off the offending fingerprints. It”™s that simple. If the device screen is really glommed up with fingerprints and schmutz you can lightly dampen the same cloth with plain water (Do not ever spray water directly on the screen of any device).

In this present day of electronic everything it really is important to keep these devices clean and fingerprint free.  How would you react if someone showed you their portfolio via their Ipad and you had to touch a fingerprint filled screen? EEEW!